A Personal Commitment from Karen and the staff at Kiss Me In The Garden:

1.  QUALITY  -- Our products are of the very highest quality.  We use natural ingredients and have spent 25 years perfecting our formulas so that the ingredients, actually work to help soothe, soften and rehydrate your skin.  This means that your customers WILL COME BACK for more!  I have spoken with some of our BEST RETAILERS and what they tell me is that  when their customers return to buy more of the product for themselves and as gifts, they often comment that  they had "a cut or dry patch of skin on their hands or body, that wouldn't go away and that it finally did when they started using the products".  QUALITY SELLS and it is our most important commitment to you.

2. MADE IN USA   Recent opinion polls have shown that consumers are willing to SPEND MORE on a product that is MADE IN THE USA.  As store owner, you can do your part to help the economy, buy making sure that you purchase goods made in the USA.  Your support of manufacturing in this country, helps to put money into the hands of that company's employees, who now have to CASH to patronize their local independent retailers (YOU).  It's a big circle, PARTICIPATE!

3.  CUSTOMER SERVICE   I feel very strongly about the old adage "The Customer is Always Right".  Our customer service is focused solely on taking care of the customers.  If you have a problem, it is addressed and remedied immediately.  That's how I want to be treated, and so that's how we will treat you.  You have my word.

4. DESIGN  I always say "where looks are concerned.... I'm as deep as a puddle!"  I believe you have to put your best "face" out there.  Show the world who you are and what you are made of!  This translates into our product packaging. We put enormous time and effort into creating the "LOOK" of our products.  We use very unique packaging components and most of our products have either  hand tied bows, or added decorative elements (such as pearls, shells, crystals) that really DRAW THE CUSTOMER OVER AND MAKE THEM WANT TO PICK THE PRODUCTS UP!  That is more than half of the deal in retail. Once you get the customer to pick the product up, it's  on it's way to being theirs!

5.  FRAGRANCE   I wish you could see what we go through to come up with our fragrances... a group sitting on the floor of my office, smelling hundreds of  samples until we are overwhelmed!  It's not easy.... but we try to choose fragrance combinations that will please the most people and be conscious of those who suffer from fragrance allergies.  It's not an easy task, but people really love our scents and we are PROUD of that!  Most popular scents are: THE SEA GARDEN scent (waterlily & lotus flower), The DEMOISELLE scent (floral citrus), BLISS scent and the new KISS scent.

6. FREEBIES   We know that if someone cannot touch, feel, smell or experience the product right there on the spot, they are less likely to buy it.  So we give you all of the FREE TESTERS you need: lotion, hand creme, body mist, shea butter, whatever you need to help your customers fall in love with our products, its yours!  Most companies don't do this, they CHARGE you for the testers, we not only give them to you for free, but we will replace them between orders.  We feel so strongly about how great our products are, that we want you to let your customers TRY THEM FOR FREE.

7.  OPTIONS   I like having choices!  Your store is not like your neighbor's store.  We want you to have something that really FITS the "look" or environment of your shop.   Sometimes I think people may be confused about all of the incredible options we have to offer and may find it daunting to choose.....  BUT, I really feel that the products you carry, should be a reflection of your vision for your shop and in order to accomplish this, for you, we need to offer a great VARIETY.  There is truly SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! If you can't decide, call our customer service and they will assist you!

8.  FREE CUSTOM PROGRAM  Taking it a step further, we offer on a $400 minimum order (who does that?) your own FREE CUSTOM LABEL.  This program will give you the ability to ADVERTISE your store and or town with products that are purchased from you and given as gifts.  Customized products also help you build your BRAND (very important in this competitive arena) and your good name in the community.  This is a great program, it is what we are known for and I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to talk to you on the phone about it -- call me (800) 547-7889.

9.  AFFORDABLE  How can it be so affordable and still be so great, you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you... there's no middle man!  We make everything that we sell in our own factory.  This cuts out many of the typical expenses that cause high quality products to be so costly.  Manufacturing our own goods, in our own facility, gives us excellent quality control and allows us to spend that saved money on using only the very BEST ingredients in the formulations.

10.  FAMILY OWNED  More than likely you are a small business and possibly a family business.  So are we.  We understand the hard work, long hours and dedication that it takes to survive.  We want to partner with you, to help you where we can and to be a part of your success.  We are here for you and we TRULY APPRECIATE your business.


Thank you for your time!