Q: Do I get testers with my order?

A: Yes! First orders always come with free testers for products that can be tested. So, for example, you will get a lotion and hand crème tester but not a soap or bath salt tester. If you want them on re-orders, just tell us so in the NOTES/COMMENTS SECTION of your order.

 Q: I don't know what scent to choose, how can I smell them first? 

 A:  Click on the SCENT SAMPLES link at the bottom right on the HOME PAGE

and that will take you to a form that you can fill out and fax to us.

Q: I want to do a “first time” custom program, but don’t know how to get started…..

Here's a VIDEO:


A: Follow these steps:

(1) Choose one of the available lines for custom:  Demoiselle or Sea Garden. 

(2) Choose the products you want by adding them to your shopping cart and also choose “custom label” from the drop down menu after each item you chose.You can also use a second drop down menu to choose black or white caps.

(3) In the comments section of your order write “CUSTOM ORDER”

(4) find the CUSTOM INFO link (accessed from the home page) print out  and tell us what you would like on your label and what scent you would like.  OPTIONS:  (a) You can send your logo to: ;  (b) you can choose a label from our collection (those can be found by clicking on the CUSTOM FORM link; or (c) you can write a description of what you want on your custom form. 

(5) Fax it to us 818 576-1199 and we will match it up with the order you placed on line or email it to:

FYI The scents available for the custom program are Floral Citrus, Waterlily & Lotus Flower, Lemongrass & Verbena, Orange Vanilla, and Grapefruit Juniper Lavender

(6) We will put art together for you and email it to you. You will not be charged until you approve your artwork and your order is ready to ship.

(7) Minimum order for custom is $500, reorders $250

Q: How long does the custom program take?
A. We will process your order within 5 days of receiving it and you should see art within 7 business days. Once approved, your order should ship within 7 business days from the date of your approval.

Q: What if I want more than one custom collection?
A: Please place your orders separately for each custom collection and in the NOTES/COMMENTS SECTION you can write something like this: Custom label # 1, LABEL: PLP0715 in PINK COLOR-- FLORAL CITRUS SCENT   and then for the other Custom label #2, PLP0715 in GREEN COLOR with lemongrass scent. WATCH CUSTOM VIDEO

Q: What does it mean to be “PARABEN-FREE”?
A: There are chemical ingredients called “parabens” (AKA Methylparaben and Propylparaben) that are commonly used as preservatives. They are in just about everything that uses preservatives (look at your shampoos, conditioners, facial make up, food….etc.) Only a tiny amount of these preservatives are used (1/10th of 1 %) in most cases. However, the American Cancer Society recently said that they think that there may be a link between these preservatives and cancer. I have had the people from the companies that make this ingredient in my office and they assured me that there has never been a link between these two things. However, because there is some concern, we revised our products and have taken the parabens out. As of November 1, 2005 all of our women’s products are paraben free.

Q: What should I tell my customers about the products?
Click on the ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS link above and you can print out a sheet that details all of the benefits of each of our products.  Those sheets will also be included with your order.

REPS:  We have them in MOST cities in the US

Please have a rep come see you—that is the best way to learn about the products and smell the fragrances. The reps link is above. If a rep can’t come to see you, you can order our TRIAL PACK. You can find it on our PRODUCT PAGE (access it by going to the HOME page and clicking SHOP) .