Thank you for your interest in "Kiss Me In The Garden" products. 

We have been in business for 25 years and manufacture all of our products in our own facility in Northridge, California.  Because we do it all (from the raw ingredient to the finished product), we have superior quality control and can afford to put in to the products large amounts of the finest ingredients on the planet!

We use vast amounts of shea butter, natural oil, comfrey, vitamin E and other natural botanicals.  Our products are earth friendly, not tested on animals and are PARABEN-FREE!

One try, and you will see the difference that QUALITY makes.

A great deal of time and thought goes into EVERYTHING we make.  Our products are made in small batches and shipped FRESH every day.  Here’s why we are so very proud of our products and why we want you to share this info with your customers:

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HAND CRÈME -  This best selling product contains a large percentage of shea butter.  It is a rich, thick creme meant for very dry skin on your hands, body and even your face.  It heals with comfrey root and Vitamin E and moisturizes with safflower oil and shea butter.

BODY MIST –  This unique product is made without oil, alcohol or water.  The spray is designed to soften and scent your skin. Spray it on, rub it in, no oily residue, just soft, scented skin.  It can also be sprayed in your hair as a shine enhancer and de-tanlger. 

BODY LOTION -  Super light, but highly moisturizing.  The ingredients were chosen to soothe your skin while hydrating it.  Skin soothers include: chamomile, aloe vera and comfrey.  Skin hydrators: glycerin, shea butter, vitamin E.
-  This unbelievable product has 15% shea butter.  That is almost unheard of in a cream.  It also has added calcium.  Recent studies show that calcium has as positive of an effect on your skin as it does on your bones - it strengthens and fortifies.  Our crèmes and balms will take a few minutes to completely “dry” on your skin.  Give it that time!  You will see that it creates a layer of “silk” on your skin that will last for hours (even after you wash your hands). 
WHIPPED BODY CREME-  NEW INTRODUCTION 2015-- has been SUPER POPULAR!  Is ultra hydrating and thick without feeling greasy - absorbs quickly!  Great jar!

HAND & FOOT SCRUB (SALT SCRUB SOUFFLE) -   A unique combination of sea salt and liquid soap.  It has a very unique sponge-like consistency and it is great for the whole body.  It does not have oil in it like other salt scrubs on the market.  So…. It is easy to wash off,  it doesn’t leave a ring in the tub and it won’t make surfaces slippery.  It will leave skin feeling baby soft and smooth!
SUPREME CRÈME – A truly wonderful product.  It is made with 100% pure shea butter.  It is more like an ointment than a cream.  A little goes a very long way.  Use it on: burns, bug bites, cuticles, under eye, cuts, scars, heels – any where you need a SUPER HEALER. 
Our bath foam contains a botanical infusion of ingredients  such as aloe and chamomile and is designed to soothe and soften the skin.  This unique blend has long lasting bubbles, it moisturizes while cleansing it!

LIQUID SOAP and SHOWER GEL  -  Our botanical blend liquid soap and shower gel will cleanse your skin while also helping to re-hydrate and protect your skin from the elements.  Special non-drying formulation. 

-  These vegetable based, glycerin, bath and body bars contain jojoba oil which has great moisturizing benefits as well as natural vegetable glycerin which actually attracts moisture to your skin.  This is a non drying soap.  It contains no animal by-products.  Use it on your face as well as your hands.  We know you will love how pure and gentle it is. 

- made with only cosmetic ingredients, all of these are also safe to spray on your skin.  They are made with light, lovely fragrances which were all chosen by someone with a fragrance allergy!  That means that even the most sensitive customers, can enjoy our products!

BODY OIL SPRAY  -  This is a fabulous combination of our bath oil and our body mist moisturizer.  We use a very light oil (high oleic safflower) which has a high level of vitamin E.  Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which helps to slow down the aging process.  Our body oil spray is easy to use, non-greasy and will not leave a sticky residue.
LIP BALM - Made with beeswax, safflower oil and peppermint essential oil.  It is moisturizing and healing and has a light flavor.  It is designed to soothe, heal and protect chapped lips.
SALTS, CRYSTALS and MINERAL SOAK -  Salt is a natural water softener and is helpful in drawing impurities out of the skin.  The salts have a low Ph balance so they are safe for use in your jacuzzi.  Salts dilate your pores, preparing the skin to absorb the trace minerals that the salts contain.  In homeopathic medicine, like cures (heals) like.  As our bodies are made mostly of water (salt water), salt is then the best and most healing element in which to bathe
TALC FREE POWDER- Traditional talc can irritate skin and should not be inhaled.  Our product CONTAINS NO TALC.  We use baking soda, baking powder, and cornstarch to create a talc-like product.  The terrific thing about this product is that it can be used in a wide variety of ways: directly on the skin as a deodorizer,  it can be sprinkled under your fitted sheets to scent your bed,  or used in the clothes hamper or dryer, it can even be used to scent, deodorize and refresh your shoes! 

VITAMIN C FACE CRÈME - Studies have shown that Vitamin C cause the skin to not only retain more mioisture cut encourages it to increase collagen products (loss of collagen is what makes older skin sag).  The crème is very lightly scented with natural orange and is great for day or night use.

BATH & MASSAGE OIL -  For our fabulous body oil products we use a very light oil (high oleic safflower) which has a high level of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti oxidant which helps to slow down the aging process.  Our oil is an excellent moisturizer and it absorbs quickly into skin without leaving a sticky residue.

MILK BATH -  Made with natural milk protein (which not only  softens your skin but also acts as a firming agent) and epsom salt (to soothe sore muscles).  In addition to softening and firming skin and soothing sore muscles, this product draws out impurities, moisturizes, deodorizes and cleanses. 

COCOA BUTTER BODY MILK - (relatively new product)  - ultra light lotion with the three most healing ingredients for your skin: cocoa butter, natural oil and shea butter.  Nothing is more nourishing those three components.

- (only last because is it a BRAND NEW PRODUCT)  Organic lavender, chamomile and green tea are mixed with sea salt to create a special tea blend for your tub.   A sheer, reusable drawstring bag is included.



We believe that products should look good on the outside and be just as good on the inside. So we spend extra time to hand adorn many of our products with ribbons, sea shells or other decorative elements. We are always on the cutting edge, continually researching new formulas, new botanical ingredients and new ways to make the product better, more environmentally friendly and more natural.

We make everything that we sell in our factory in Northridge, California. This gives us extraordinary quality control as well as the ability to make super high quality products and still sell them at a competitive price. November 1, 2005, we went completely "paraben-free". This is important because some studies have indicated that Methylparaben and Propylparaben have been linked to breast cancer in women. Those two chemical preservatives are in the majority of cosmetic products that are sold today.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. If you have any problems, questions or ideas, we welcome your call.

Free testers come with your opening order, when you need additional testers, please request them by phone (800) 547-7889, fax (818) 576-1199 or email:




Shea Butter is created from the nut of the fruit of a tree that grows in Africa for over 100 years. It has a high vitamin A content and is one of the most moisturizing things that you can put on your skin. Our shea butter balm has 15% shea butter, which is about 15 times more that most companies put in! Ours also has added calcium, which has been shown to improve the strength of your skin.



How does the custom program work?

It's Easy-- pick products from either DEMOISELLE, SEA GARDEN or COWGIRL- whichever fits your strore's look. 

Then do one of these three things (1) pick a predesigned label (click on the custom info link on the site); or  (2) describe what you want in your own words or (3) email your logo to:  If you order by phone just tell us you want a custom label when you order; if you order by fax just write "CUSTOM" on the order and describe what you want on the form that comes with the price list; if you order on the site use the CUSTOM drop down menu for each item chosen and then describe what you want in the "comments" section of your order.

Check out our VIDEO SECTION, there's a video explanation of our custom program.

SEE... EASY-- if not call me (800) 547-7889  


What is the difference between our Lotion, Hand Crème , Shea Butter Balm and Supreme Crème products?

Our lotion is very light and more quickly absorbed by the skin. It focuses on aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and repair the skin. It is great after a morning shower.

Our hand crème is thicker than the lotion and has comfrey (to soothe skin) and shea butter (to moisturize). It was designed for use mainly on the hands, to soothe chapped and dry skin. It takes a bit longer to be absorbed by your skin.

Our shea butter balm is as thick as butter! It contains high levels of shea butter and calcium. This can be used on super dry skin on your face, your hands, your feet and elbows. The absorption time is much longer than the other two products. It may seem a bit thick at first, but give it 5 minutes to absorb and dry down and you will have moisturized skin for the rest of the day.

Our Supreme Crème is NOT A HAND CRÈME!!!! It is important that you know this because it is very thick and is meant to be used in very small quantities. Just a tiny drop on your finger tip is all you need. It is best when used under your eyes before bed time, on bug bites, on burns or on other severe skin irritations. It is also great on cuticles and severely chapped areas of skin.

What is so different about your body mist?

Most body mist is made of the two worst things for your skin…. Alcohol and water. Our body mist has no alcohol and no water. It is a liquefied moisturizer. It is completely light and non-greasy. It can be used on your skin, and in your hair as a shine enhancer and frizz controller. It is a unique product that should be shown to your customers—– this is why we give the free testers away!

 What if I want to try some of your other fragrances so that I can expand my collection of Kiss Me In The Garden products?

When you place a reorder, you can request a couple of free samples of other scents and we will include those with your order. You can also find a trial pack on our site on the "HOME" page. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a link that says "CLICK HERE for scent samples" (make sure that you are NOT signed in and you will see it). If you click on that link you will download a form and you can request 7 fragrances.

The trial pack is $15.00 (shipping included).



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